Can I bring edibles into Thailand? Possibly. But you’re definitely better off just purchasing edibles when you arrive.

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Can I Bring Edibles into Thailand

Thailand is a renowned tourist destination for its stunning beaches, friendly people, and delicious food. Most recently, the country passed a law that has legalized weed in the country. This article takes a look at the legality of edibles and whether you can bring them into Thailand.

Are Edibles Legal in Thailand?

The simple answer is yes. Edibles are legal in Thailand.

As a tourist, you can take edibles into the country as the Thai Food and Drug Administration officially removed the cannabis plant from their Category 5 narcotics list. However, you should remember that any cannabis products containing more than 0.2% THC by weight are still considered as narcotics.

Can Edibles Be Detected in Customs?

Yes, edibles can be detected in customs. This is unlikely to happen however, and regulation of cannabis in Thailand is currently very lax. As an individual you can bring edibles into the country for medicinal purposes only.

That being said, Thailand has very strict laws against importing weed in the country other than medicinal purposes (mainly commercial) to protect local ganja growers and companies. 

Where to Buy Edibles in Thailand

If you really want to buy edibles in Thailand, there are a number of dispensaries across most major cities, such as Phuket and Bangkok, where you can buy edibles. Some of the best options to buy edibles in Thailand in person include:

  • Highland Cafe north of downtown in the Lat Phrao area
  • The Dispensary near Sala Daeng
  • Pot Hole Cafe Bar Dispensary
  • The Old Weed Men
  • The Elephant Pattaya Cannabis Store

Are Edibles Safe in Thailand?

Yes, edibles are safe to consume in Thailand as long as you purchase them from a reputable source. If you do decide to purchase edibles while in Thailand, be sure to use caution and only buy from a trusted dispensary. Use your best judgment and be careful.

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Can I Bring Edibles into Thailand


In conclusion, it isn’t advisable to bring edibles into Thailand. We recommend doing this only if you need them for medicinal reasons.

You can also purchase them from us directly or any of the endless dispensaries that are located in major cities and towns throughout the country.